Moon Walk Schedule for 2017

Once a month (or twice when there's a Blue Moon), on the evening of the Full Moon, residents of Fair Oaks gather at the Old Fair Oaks Bridge to welcome the moonrise. It's a beautiful place and a beautiful sight. When the mood strikes, some sing moon songs. Others gather at the top of the Fair Oaks Bluffs. Bring hors d'ouvres, libation (please, plastic glasses), and friendly conversation. We'll see you there!

Eclipses visible at Fair Oaks:

Moonrise at the Fair Oaks Bridge for 2017, courtesy of the U.S. Naval Observatory and Shafamma with notations from the Western edition of the "Old Farmer's Almanac":





January 12, Thursday

5:38 pm pst

  68 degrees

Full Wolf Moon

February 10, Friday

5:29 pm pst

  73 degrees

Full Snow Moon

March 12, Sunday

7:21 pm pdt

  86 degrees

Full Worm Moon

April 10, Monday

7:29 pm pdt

  95 degrees

Full Pink Moon

May 10, Wednesday

8:12 pm pdt

107 degrees

Full Flower Moon

June 9, Friday

8:48 pm pdt

114 degrees

Full Strawberry Moon

July 8, Saturday

8:22 pm pdt

115 degrees

Full Buck Moon

August 7, Monday

8:26 pm pdt

108 degrees

Full Sturgeon Moon

September 6, Wednesday

8:10 pm pdt

  95 degrees

Full Corn Moon

October 5, Thursday

7:16 pm pdt

  86 degrees

Full Harvest Moon

November 3, Friday

6:24 pm pdt

  77 degrees

Full Beaver Moon

December 3, Sunday

5:30 pm pst

  66 degrees

Full Cold Moon